About Us

Prometheus ai trading bot is an accredited, certified, and professional company Based in UK,

We are a group of Crypto traders with one mission: make winning trading tools. After many years hard work we achieve our target 
We now have to aim higher.
We want to show our work that we have done and tools that we used in this time.
We hope that you will join with us to make you trader and to ever hit the market. We know what we have in Prometheus ai trading bot is profitable and believe we can make all our clients successful regardless of skill level.
So every marketer and developer in this market rate them 100% in this market but we are more fluid and result producing team. We think that in this market opinion does not matter but the response on community is matter To achieve more, and take the next step as a company, we here at Prometheus ai trading bot have to be honest with our current capabilities, so that we understand where we can improve.
We’ve providing service from many years and there is no sign of slow down

In 2021, we’ve increase our team, brought in new analysts, developers, and Alternative supporting worker to make sure  that our service is getting good direction..  We’ve address our self from clients and improving our self day by day.

Our commerce technique relies on the basic properties of your time restriction. To provide a viable trading tool, the first thing you need to do is limit your losses, and we feel the easiest way to do this is to create a system made for a selected period.
Our Prometheus ai bot trade in specific Hours a day To provide a viable trading tool, the first thing you need to do is limit your losses, and we feel the easiest way to do this is to create During these times, the market is lacking in volatility that is ideal for a sophisticated approach to choose up simple wins. This means, that our automaton is in and out of the market at intervals many hours each single day. The approach has verified to be profitable on multiple pairs, that you’ll be able to see within the commerce accounts we offer on the automaton Pages.
Where the bulk of automaton developers get it wrong, is in attempting to code a project that’s large, or all encompassing. In specializing in few hours per day, we’ve been able to drill down and take a look at 100x a lot of knowledge than our competitors.
While some traders like better to trade the complete day, this can be not an easy task with an automatic automaton, and it’s one amongst the most reason our competitors fail.
Our methodology is easy, however our approach to elementary and technical analysis is trade leading.