FAQs About Prometheus AI Trading Bot

That will rely upon many elements, however fundamentally the amount you contribute. While you can begin with just $100, we suggest about $3,000 for a quick beginning. Yet, assuming that things are tight at the present time, begin little and let the enchantment of accumulating funds work for you.

We can’t ensure a genuine time since there are generally factors outside anybody’s ability to control. Anyway Prometheus begins working the INSTANT your bots are actuated and we’ve seen different beta analyzers produce benefits on their absolute first day.

The product organization we band together with has its own full-time advancement group that continually refreshes the product. So they offer 3 different month to month designs: $29/mo will get you admittance to 2 bots, which is ideally suited for beginning. When you’re in benefit, you can continuously move up to their 5 bot plan for $69/mo. Aside from this, you’ll have to include your own speculation reserves. Once more, you can get everything rolling for just $100 and move gradually up – we suggest more, yet it’s totally dependent upon you.

Indeed! Which is vital in light of the fact that there have been numerous bot-related tricks before .. I’ve even by and by lost $15,000 as a result of one … so Prometheus is unique. The main individual who approaches your assets is YOU. You don’t send any cash to us, your assets are kept inside YOUR crypto wallet. The bots simply plug in by means of API – they can’t pull out or get to your assets and they will do nothing without your consent. Moreover, everything is scrambled with 2048-piece encryption, TWICE as much as most banks.

Well your interest in Prometheus is 100 percent hazard free as we’ve effectively covered with the unconditional promise … PLUS in the event that you have purchaser’s regret in the wake of getting in you can get a moment discount just by not marking the NDA. We don’t need you to feel any tension whatsoever. As far as the assets you put into crypto, comprehend that all ventures are speculative … and you ought to just contribute reserves you are open to losing. That is the ‘legitimate’ part. The truth, as you’ve seen, is that Prometheus lessens the speculative gamble of crypto to irrefutably the MINIMUM, far lower than you’d be presented to in some other program. Recollect one of our originators, Will, who is EXTREMELY hazard opposed … and he’s ‘holding nothing back’ with Prometheus. This is all conceivable in light of the fact that the bot makes you cash when the business sectors go up, when they go down, and when they go sideways … so while hypothetically misfortunes are conceivable … The chances are STACKED in support of yourself to see reliable, better than expected outcomes over the long run.