Prometheus Integrates Seamlessly With The Following Wallets

Our 4-Step Process Using prometheus is as easy as 1, 2, 3....

Step 1

Join Prometheus Via The Links On This Page


Step 2

Integrate prometheus with your wallet (securely via API) 

Step 3

Choose your strategy (fast money, passive or compounding)…. Chose the recommended coin pairs for your chosen strategy… Hit the “Start” button 

Step 4

Go get on with your life… travel…, spend time with the family…. come back in a few days to check your profits (which you can withdraw at any time)


Don't worry... All your funds are kept in YOUR wallet at ALL times. You never send your funds to us EVER.

Check Your Profits On The Go

If you’re out and about or you just want to check your prometheus profits on the go, we have you covered with the mobile version of the app. You can stop and modify your bots on the go too if needs be.

Twice As Safe As Most Banks

The only person who has access to your funds is YOU. You don’t send any money to us, your funds are kept inside YOUR wallet. The bots simply connect via API – they can’t withdraw or access your funds and that they won’t do something while not your permission. what is more, everything is encrypted with 2048-bit cryptography, double the maximum amount as most banks.